1. Baba Home website is under contractions price and picture are updated on 01-may-2024
2. Item goods once sold can not be taken back (not all items) after 7 days of purchase
3. Mattresses warranty or guaranty responsibility of manufacture
4. If the product comes damaged at your place inform us within 60 minutes of receiving the product.
5. Some Of Products we need advance payment before fulfill you order
6. Out of cities order, We will deliver after 100% of the payment received via bank account
7. Delivery Charges option is flat on check out we are working on it. (Delivery Charges we will confirm you on call) It may vary in different areas and cities )
8. products come on the upper floor to labor charges will pay customer.
9. Furniture fitting and fixing charges Rs:3000/-
10. Cloth is not covered in any kind of warranty or guaranty
Note: We have all rights to change Terms and conditions without any notice till we are updating our website (updated on 01-may-2024)
For any kind of suggestion kindly call us  or WhatsApp 0312-222-4663